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Nippon Tanshi “Solar Panels,” China, and Kono Taro


Recently, some people have attempted to spread unfounded rumors about my political intentions via Nippon Tanshi, an electrical equipment company that I used to work at. 

Some claim that “Nippon Tanshi profits by making solar panels in China for Chinese companies.” 


First things first, Nippon Tanshi is an electrical terminal and connector manufacturer; the company does not make any solar panels. Nippon Tanshi made solar panel terminals and connectors in Japan but discontinued them in 2015. Not to mention, Nippon Tanshi has never even made nor sold any solar panel terminals and connectors in China. 


“Kono Taro supports the solar power industry because he wants Nippon Tanshi, a company with close ties with Chinese companies, to profit.” 

This blatant lie is entirely out of left field; I do not engage in political activities for my personal gains nor a sole company’s profit. And again, Nippon Tanshi is simply not involved in the solar power industry. 


“Nippon Tanshi makes money by doing business with Chinese Communist-affiliated companies.” 

Nippon Tanshi is a component manufacturer making terminals and connectors built for Japanese cars and electronic manufacturers. When Japanese manufacturers enter the Chinese market, they request local supply from Japanese component manufacturers to make their products work. If the component manufacturers cannot enter the market, the manufacturer who relies on the components maker ends up with a failed business that cannot function. Like other Japanese terminal manufacturers, the main business Nippon Tanshi engages in that involves China is sending their terminals and connectors to Japanese car and electronics manufacturers that have already entered the Chinese market. 


“If China decides to use Nippon Tansho as their pawn, Kono Taro must be planning to take China’s side.”

Again, my values as a politician stem from what I believe is best for Japan and its people, not for one company. 


“Even though China customarily ensures that foreign-owned companies hand over at least 51% of their shares to local Chinese companies before entering the Chinese market, the Nippon Tanshi in China has only handed over 40% of their shares to Chinese companies. China allows this because their Communist party has close political ties with Nippon Tanshi.” 

Foreign companies entering the Chinese market can take a 100% stake in their own company without an entry barrier.


Spreading false information is a nuisance to me and the workers at Nippon Tanshi. In light of this, I urge you all to be wary of baseless fake news.

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