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Business Trip to Singapore




00:40 Depart Haneda on ANA843, 7-hour flight 

06:40 Arrive at Changi Airport, Singapore 

07:20 Arrive at Park Royal Collection Hotel and change clothes. 

09:00 Visit JTC Corporation 

Originally established to aid the development of the Jurong area, the organization now engages in development projects throughout Singapore.

Urban Planning using Digital Twin Software: 

When I lived in Singapore 30 years ago, the Punggol area was a deserted coastline where people water skied. Now, it is a high-tech city that even has a university campus. 

11:00 Visit GovTech 

GovTech is the equivalent of Singapore’s Digital Agency. GovTech employees showed me their nascent technologies in their research department. These include technologies for monitoring older people, supporting disabled individuals in their work, and providing physical training assistance to military personnel.

12:00 Lunch at the Ambassador’s Residence 

14:00 Visit to IMDA and Heartbeat@Bedok

IMDA, a Ministry of Communications and Information subsidiary, is responsible for a wide array of things, including talent development in the digital sector and digital support for older people. We discussed various topics ranging from countering disinformation with AI to promoting Peppol (a widely used specification for digital invoicing).

At the East Coast Bedok Community Centre, I observed digital ambassadors teach older people how to use smartphones and other devices.

Furthermore, a local Representative showed me a digital kiosk that can do various things. 

16:30 Visit GovTech Hive 

I visited the system development department of GovTech to observe the latest developments in Singapore’s digitization efforts and to engage in a thorough discussion with the Singapore government. I learned that, while the Japanese Digital Agency expanded from 800 to 900 employees, Singapore had gone from 3,500 to 3,800.



09:00 Visit to the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) 

To maximize Singapore’s limited land area,  the URA collects real-time data for urban planning. They dramatically change their land use in anticipation of Singapore’s growing need for space in the future.

I also visited a gallery that aims to raise awareness of the significant land constraints in Singapore. 

10:30 Visit to the Land Transport Authority (LTA) 

The LTA oversees land transportation within Singapore. 

We discussed improving public transportation services using data (instead of an increasingly scarce workforce) and green initiatives that use data to combat climate change. 

I also visited the operations center, where they centrally manage roads, bus routes, and the subway system.

12:30 Minister Balakrishnan hosts lunch at Goodwood Park

I had lunch and exchanged opinions with my friend Minister Balakrishnan and Goodwood Park Hotel. We’ve been close since the times I served as Foreign Minister. 

Minister Balakrishnan kindly served us what is known as the highest quality Black Thorn durian. 

Of course, we had to move to the restaurant patio to enjoy the delicious dessert.  

14:30 Meeting with Minister Teo and Minister Putteci at the Buddhist Relic Temple in Chinatown

Located at the heart of Chinatown, the Buddhist Relic Temple is in Minister Teo’s constituency. 

After visiting the temple, we conducted bilateral talks in one of the temple rooms. 

We exchanged views on specific cooperation projects between the two countries, including eID, DFFT, digital invoicing, and smart immigration.

16:30 Press Conference 

I spoke with Kyodo News and NHK. 

17:15 Visit to Marina Port Authority (MPA) + Meeting with Minister Amy Khor on Environmental Sustainability

Singapore is undertaking a large-scale project to fully relocate its cargo port to Tuas in the west and double its capacity. The government is exploring many digitization and automation initiatives to expand the port’s capacity without increasing the number of workers. 

I hope to look into the productivity of specific operations in Japanese ports. 

19:15 Dinner hosted by Minister Teo and Minister Putteci at Violet On in Jewel

Minister Teo and Minister Putteci kindly hosted a dinner at a renowned Peranakan cuisine restaurant in the new Jewel Mall. 

The food was absolutely delicious. 

22:10 Depart from Singapore Changi on ANA844, 7 hour 20 minute flight 




06:20 羽田着


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