KONO Taro is pleased to accept Japanese-speaking foreign students as non-paid interns in the Parliamentary office or district offices. Interested students should be at least proficient and able to work with others in the Japanese language. It is highly recommended for you to fix your schedule so that you can come to the office from Monday to Friday for at least a month. You should definitely do your internship during the Parliamentary session. The regular session lasts from January to at least June. There will be a fall session, but the dates will not be fixed until just beforehand. The office will provide a train pass for your commute and you lunch during the internship. Please contact the office of KONO Taro for further information.

Current Interns

・Sun Xiaonni
Sun Xiaonni is entering her fourth year as a student of Economics at Waseda University. She translates the material for Kono’s Chinese homepage as well as taking care of the Chinese blog and contributions to the popular Chinese newspaper Nan Fang Zhou Mo (online at She plans to continue her studies in Economics at a university in the US or the UK.

・Lee Sujin
Lee Sujin is in her fourth year of a Bachelor’s degree in Politics at the Law Department of Keio University. She manages the Korean homepage and the office’s Korean media relations as well as eating all the sweets. In the future she hopes to become a teacher.

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