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Ceremony of Appointment of Official with Imperial Attestation


The Chairman of the Japan Fair Trade Commission, Mr. Kazuyuki Furuya, was appointed for another term as Chairman of the Commission. He personally reported to His Majesty the Emperor and attended the certification ceremony.


Here is a recap of the ceremony: 


The attire of the Minister of State at the ceremony for the certifying officer was a morning coat with a black vest, a plain silver-gray necktie, shoes with formal black laces, and a plain white mask. 


First, enter through the Sakashita Gate and arrive at the Palace West Car Yoroi.


Wait in the waiting room “Katsura-no-Ma” for a while.


The uchi-sound is performed in the “Houou-no-Ma” (Phoenix Room).


The etiquette for uchisyo is as follows


Knock and enter the room.


Greet at the entrance with “I beg your pardon.


Proceed to the side of the chair and greet again, “I am Taro Kono, Minister of State.


When His Majesty asks you to sit down, do so.


I will now respectfully deliver my speech,” he said, and read out his written statement.


I will respond to His Majesty’s inquiry about affairs of state.


When there are no more questions from His Majesty, or when His Majesty says, “Thank you for your hard work today,” I say, “With these words, I will conclude my address.


The person stands up with the written report and greets His Majesty, returns to the exit (same as the entrance), and greets the person again, saying, “I will leave. Thank you very much.


After exiting the room, the written statement is handed to the Imperial Household Agency staff.


After the ceremony, His Majesty waits in the Chigusa-Chidori Room (which is also the resting place for the Ministerial Certification Ceremony) with Chairman Furuya until the start of the Certification Ceremony. (During this time, His Majesty signs the official register.)


Thereafter, the Minister of State first enters the Shoden Matsu-no-Ma and takes up his position.


Led by the Chief Ceremonial Officer, His Majesty the Emperor bows as he enters.


When His Majesty stands in position, he makes eye contact with His Majesty and salutes him.


The appointee (Chairman Furuya) enters the room.


The appointee makes eye contact with Ηis Majesty and bows.


The appointee walks up to His Majesty, makes eye contact with His Majesty, and salutes.


The appointee proceeds to the Minister of State, who is diagonally in front of the appointee on the right.


The attendant, holding a tray with a letter of resignation on it, presents the letter of resignation upside down to the Minister of State.


The Minister of Courtesy receives the letter of resignation from the attendant, and since the letter of resignation is not read aloud, the Minister of Courtesy presents the letter of resignation in the direction the appointee sees it, without changing the direction of the letter of resignation.


The appointee receives the official register and, holding it with both hands, steps back to return to His Majesty’s presence.


The appointee makes eye contact with His Majesty and salutes. (At this point, the ceremonial officer in the rear reads out the name of the commissioner, Mr. Furuya, Chairman of the Japan Fair Trade Commission.)


His Majesty gives a few words to the appointee. (At this time, the appointee is to say nothing.)


The appointee, holding the official register with both hands, makes eye contact with His Majesty and salutes.


The appointee takes three steps backward, turns around, walks to the exit, turns toward Ηis Majesty again, makes eye contact with Ηis Majesty, and bows.


The appointee exits.


When Ηis Majesty exits from his position, the minister-in-charge shall maintain eye contact with Ηis Majesty and salute him.


When Ηis Majesty leaves the Shoden Matsu-no-Ma (Pine Room), the Minister of State for Ceremonies makes a bow.


The Minister of State leaves the room.


The Minister of State returns to his resting place (Chidori-Chigusa-no-Ma), congratulates the appointees, and exits.


Boarding at Minamikurumayori.


Exit through the Kaimon or Sakashimon gate.

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