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Business Trip to US, Europe, and Devos


This year’s G7 Digital Technology Ministerial Meeting will be held in Gunma Prefecture, Japan, on April 29 and 30. One of the major themes of the meeting will be about Data Free Flow with Trust, or DFFT. DFFT is a set of agreements that would facilitate secure international data distribution.


I traveled to Paris, Brussels, Washington, London, and Berlin to discuss DFFT among other technology-related issues with G7 country ministers.


At the end of my trip abroad, I attended the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland to attend various bi-national meetings and deliver a speech on DFFT and other digital issues.


Here’s what my itinerary for the trip looked like:


January 8


09:10 Depart from Haneda NH215


16:30 Arrive in Paris

18:30 Dinner at Japanese Ambassador’s residence

January 9

Picture of a morning in Paris before sunrise.

09:00 Visit Kayrros


10:00 Visit to Preligens


11:00 Meet with Digital Minister Barrot

12:00 Meet with OECD Deputy Secretary General Ulrik Vestergaard Knudsen

14:00 Lunch at OECD Ambassador’s Residence


16:25 Depart from Paris North Station


17:47 Arrive at Brussels South Station


19:30 Discuss with digital companies at Ambassador’s Residence

January 10

09:00 Meet with EU High Representative/Vice-President Bestea

11:55 Depart from Brussels UA951


14:45 Arrival at Dulles Airport


17:00 Meet with Senator Haggerty in the Senate LBJ Room

Dinner at Ambassador’s Residence

January 10 was my birthday, but because I flew west across the Atlantic from Europe to the US, it was the longest birthday of my life so far due to the time difference. Thank you to everyone on both continents who celebrated with me.

January 11

08:00 Meeting with U.S. Ambassador at Large for Cyberspace and Digital Policy, Mr. Fick

09:30 Palantir Visit


11:30 Meet with Deputy Secretary of Commerce Graves

14:00 Meet with Undersecretary Silvers, Department of Homeland Security

15:00 Speech at CSIS

17:00 Discussion with ITI (Information Technology Industry Council)


18:30 Dinner with former Senator Shelby’s staff

Almost forty years ago, I was an intern in Senator Shelby’s office, who was then a Democratic Congressman. Ann, in the middle, served as Senator Shelby’s secretary until his retirement.

January 12

07:30 Visit to Rock Creek, Inc.

09:00 Meet with Katherine Tye USTR

10:00 Speech and discussion at Georgetown University

Wearing the hat I received as a gift!

A picture with professors at Georgetown University specializing in digital fields

12:00 Meet with USDS Matur CDO

13:15 Discuss with Professor Kent Calder and others

14:30 Interview and discussion with Japanese media in Washington


18:25 Departure from Dulles BA216


January 13th

06:30 Arrive in London


09:00 Visit Stonehenge

The Stonehenge museum had a Japanese Jomon-era stonehedge exhibition

11:30 Meeting with Minister Donnellan Digital @ Laycock Abbey in Minister Donnellan’s constituency in Wiltshire

Minister Donnellan was originally scheduled to participate in the G7 Digital Ministerial Meeting. However, since her child’s due date is the very day of the G7 Digital Ministerial Meeting, it appears that a different minister will attend in her place.

Laycock Abbey is famous as the place where the world’s first photo shoot took place.

Here is the world’s first negative, and next to it, a photo taken with my phone camera at the same window.

Like this place.

16:00 Discussion with GDS

18:00 Meeting with former-Prime Minister Boris Johnson

He enjoyed peach juice from Fukushima.

19:00 Meeting with Minister of Foreign Affairs Julia Lopez and others at the Ambassador’s Residence

When I greeted them and said I was looking forward to seeing them at the G7 Digital Ministerial Meeting, Minister Lopez replied saying, “Actually, I am pregnant, so we are currently in the process of selecting people for the meeting.” That’s two digital ministers!

January 14

10:30 Meeting with Security Minister Tugenhut

We spent an hour walking around the city and exchanging views.

12:00 Discussion with Japanese companies

14:30 Visit to Chartwell

This is the private residence of former Prime Minister Churchill.

Here’s a picture of Churchill’s bath, where he was rumored to often take notes in.

17:00 Private dinner


January 15

09:00 Visit to KDDI Data Center


12:30 Lunch with Minister of Finance Jeremy Hunt


I enjoyed lunch with the whole Hunt family: Mrs. Hunt, their three children, and their dog.

14:30 Interview and discussion with Japanese media in London


18:55 Depart London on BA988


21:45 Arrive in Berlin


January 16

09:00 Meeting with Digital Minister Wissing

10:25 Interview with Deutsche Börse

10:45 Discussions with Japanese companies and start-ups in Germany

14:55 Depart from Berlin LX967


16:20 Arrive in Zurich


On the way from Zurich to Davos, we stopped by Liechtenstein.

Here’s Fadoz Cathedral, Rhine Bridge, and the border on the bridge.

20:00 Reception dinner

Filming content for the Digital Agency’s Twitter account:

January 17

08:30 PCR testing

09:30 “Leading in an Era of Digital Transformation”

A ministerial-level closed session.

Selfie with former Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop

10:45 Meet with VISA President McInerney

11:30 Meet with Michael Pank, AWS Vice President

12:30 “Addressing Fragmented approaches to Data Policy” Lunch Session

Singapore’s Information Minister Josephine Teo

14:10 Meet with Chuck Robbins CEO of CISCO, Inc.


14:30 Meet with Greg Toom, President of ZOOM


15:00 Open Session, “Data Collaboration: Lessons from the Field.”

16:00 Meet with Mr. Skinnari, Minister of Development Cooperation and Trade of Finland

16:30 Metaverse Global Collaboration Village Tour

17:20 Meeting with David Beasley, WFP Executive Director

17:45 Meet with David Schwimmer, CEO of LSEG


18:30 Meet with Prime Minister Bouden of Tunisia

Meet with Fedorov, Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister and Digital Minister

19:30 Dinner hosted by WEF Founder Schwab

From left to right: Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister and Poland’s President


From right to left, the Minister of Transport of Switzerland, the Grand Duke of Monaco, skip a person, the Prime Minister of Spain.

January 18

07:45 Meet with Bancel, CEO of Moderna

08:00 Meet with Pat Gelsinger, CEO of INTEL

08:30 Meet with Ekholm, CEO of Ericsson

08:50 Meet with Julie Bishop, former Foreign Minister of Australia


10:00 Three ministers from Japan spoke on the “Country Strategy Dialogue on Japan”

11:15 Meet with Jubeir, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia

12:00 Lunch with Japanese participants at the WEF

18:05 Depart from Zurich NH6100


19:05 Arrive in Frankfurt


20:45 Depart from Frankfurt NH224


January 19

17:55 Arrive at Haneda

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