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Book Recommendation: ティラノサウルス解体新書


Today I’m recommending you Kobayashi Yoshitsugi’s book, 「ティラノサウルス解体新書」, or Tyrannosaurus Dissection Guide.

When my son was younger, he was infatuated with dinosaurs for a while. I even remember that he once pondered, “Why didn’t I become a paleontologist?” 

I, too, used to be fascinated by dinosaurs. Clearly, I didn’t become a paleontologist either.

Here’s why: there are so many dinosaur picture books out there, but once you remember all the dinosaur names, few books go further to tell you more about them. And so, I moved on from dinosaurs. 

The Tyrannosaurus Dissection Guide explains what paleontologists do to solve dinosaur mysteries. The book details how experts draw different conclusions from their observations. It’s an incredibly easy-to-follow book that children and adults alike can enjoy.

Tyrannosaurus Dissection Guide carefully explains how researchers investigate who T-Rexs’ companions were, where they lived, and what kinds of characteristics they had. It also tells us how paleontologists, like the author, conduct research and formulate hypotheses.

The book reveals how paleontologists answer questions like: Did Tyrannosaurus have feathers? What did it eat? Did parent Tyrannosaurus protect their eggs? How did they grow? How developed were its ears, eyes, and nose? How fast did it run? And so on. 

This book is an opportunity for dinosaur enthusiasts who have already mastered dinosaur names to take the next step and learn about paleontology. It is a must-read for dinosaur geeks. 

I believe this book will also inspire more people in Japan to become paleontologists. 

This book was so great that I’d love to request that Kobayashi expand on Tyrannosaurus Dissection Guide and add similar titles like “Allosaurus Dissection Guide” or “Brontosaurus Dissection Guide.”

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