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Addressing False COVID-19 Vaccine Rumors


Absurd rumors regarding the COVID-19 vaccines are circulating again. 

Among these rumors are people that claim that “more than a thousand people died after getting the COVID-19 vaccine, and the vaccine was the cause of death.” 


There are two possibilities as to why one may make this claim: the claimant may not understand how to interpret the Vaccine Adverse Reaction Reporting System correctly, or the claimant may be intentionally attempting to mislead the public. 

To clarify, the fact that someone “died after getting the COVID-19 vaccine” certainly does not mean that “the vaccine was the cause of death.”

Deaths reported to the Vaccine Adverse Reaction Reporting System include people who died of other reasons, such as drowning or hanging, after vaccination.


To this date, no post-vaccine deaths reported to the Japanese Vaccine Adverse Reaction Reporting System have been determined to be causally related to the COVID-19 vaccine.

The United States administered over 593 million vaccine doses between December 14th, 2020, and June 22nd, 2022. Even then, the only confirmed COVID-19 vaccine-caused deaths are the nine cases involving the J&J/Janssen type vaccine. 

In Australia, almost 2 million people are at least once vaccinated as of March 2022. According to the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration), only 11 deaths, all related to the AstraZeneca vaccine, are conclusively vaccine-caused. Of the 11 deaths, eight were from thrombosis due to thrombocytopenia, two from Guillain-Barré syndrome, and one from immune thrombocytopenia.

Because the COVID-19 vaccine is administered all across the globe, countless studies are constantly carried out to ensure the vaccine’s safety. This makes the COVID-19 vaccine incredibly trustworthy. 


Social media has become rife with misleading anti-vaccine rhetoric without a scientific basis. Beware not to fall prey to such information.

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